July Tip O’ the Month

Loving Kim Falconer!!

The 11th House

The month of July begins with the ongoing Mercury Retrograde.

Remember the most supportive approach is to reflect on the thoughts, actions and events experienced in the house where you find 13 – 23 degrees of Cancer. Put some quiet, nurturing focus there, and practice the art of Self-compassion. The more you treat yourself with reverence and care, the more the world blossoms around you.

On the 4th, the sun squares Uranus as the moon moves into Gemini. Expect some sudden, unexpected news that has your eyes popping. By the end of the first week, the Moon is conjunct Mars and any repressed emotions are likely to roil around with potential eruptions. Better out than in, but it’s a dark moon, just before the new. If you have to vent, take some time to identify what the real issue is. Hint: It’s more than meets the eye.

The New…

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